Change Tax in Retail Pro 8.x

Changing your Tax within Retail Pro can become a routine task. A new Tax change in New York, for example, has just affected Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

Here's a simple "How-to:" on how to correctly change your tax rates when needed:

  • Make sure all computers on the network are out of Retail Pro before you start.

  • Go into Options> System Preferences.

  • Click the plus sign (+) next to "Taxes"

  • Find the area you want to change in the drop-down box under "Tax Area"

  • For the taxable code (usually #1), Change the settings as shown in the screen shot, but the rate should be whatever the correct rate is

  • Click Save

  • Follow these steps for each of the Tax Areas that need to be changed.

  • Always click Save when done

Solving ISAM Errors

Getting the following message in various sections of Retail Pro:
Corrupted Index File. ISAM Error……..File variable is NIL.

The error is caused by corrupted index files.

This issue can be resolved by doing a full reconstruct using the latest Windows Reconstruct Tool according to RTI.
Another method that has worked in resolving the above issue was to:
• Exit from Retail Pro
• Delete/Rename the index files (.ix files) in the RPRO folder.
• Let Retail Pro recreate those files by restarting Retail Pro
• Reconstruct

If you would like to obtain the latest reconstruct tool, please contact OSD Tech Support, or visit our Website || Support Downloads