Uploading Inventory Scans from your PT Scanner

It's January and many Retailers are focusing on Physical Inventories (PI). A common problem most people face, is uploading inventory scans from their PT scanners to Retail Pro. After countless hours of scanning, and conducting your PI, the last thing you want to do... is lose your scans!

Here's a quick tip and actual scenario a Retail Pro Customer experienced after trying to upload a second set of PT scans to Retail Pro:

    • Customer uploaded scans twice from PT scanner, but first items scanned disappeared.
    • Customer had clicked New before uploading the second time, wiping out items uploaded previously.
    • You should only click on New when you're first starting the Physical Inventory. Clicking New wipes out anything that is there.
Another thing you could do before actually performing your PI, is to give us a call! We always have Q&A's and were happy to help. Additionally, we have many How-To articles on performing single to multiple store physical inventories located on our Support site. Send us an email or call us toll-free (800)266-1328.

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