How to Apply Promo Pricing (RPRO v8)

Go to Merchandise > Inventory:

To set up promotional pricing:

1. Click PROMO PRICING from the side toolbar.
2. Select ADD ().
3. Enter the name of the promotion that you are creating in the Promo Name column.
4. Press or move out of the cell to save the name.
5. Navigate to the lower pane. Enter the discounted unit price in the Price column and the minimum quantity of items that must be purchased to qualify in the Quantity column.
6. Press or move out of the cell to save the entries.


Quantity Price
1 $25
2 $22
4 $20

7. Select CLOSE () to exit the Promotional Pricing window.

To assign a promotional pricing to an item or style:

1. In either Item View or Style View, highlight or display the item or style to which you want to assign a promotion.
2. Select EDIT () from the main toolbar.
3. Navigate to the Promo # field.
4. Enter the promotion number you want to assign to that item.

Select () to open the Promotional Pricing window, select a promotion, and then choose SELECT ().

5. Repeat the previous steps for any other items to which you would like to assign a promotion.

Ringing up Promotional Pricing at Point of Sale:

When an item is put on a receipt with quantities that quality for promotional pricing, click Apply Promo. (Version 8 Only: When you click Tender, you will get a window showing the promotional pricing.) You will select the item and click Apply to apply the promotional pricing to the item.

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FAQ: Will Retail Pro run on a Mac?

No. Retail Pro is programmed for and tested on IBM-compatible PCs. PC programs will not run on a mac, in general. Please read below for exceptions:
  1. While there are PC emulator software programs for the mac, not all PC programs will run under the emulator, and the speed at which the programs will run would be too slow to be usable.
  2. Macs are now shipping with Windows XP installed in a dual boot fashion. Although you can install Retail Pro on the Windows partition, a lot of features, such as the scheduler, have not been tested or approved to work with the Mac hardware. Specifically, polling by scheduler has been found not to work

NOTE: Even if you can get Retail Pro running on a macintosh using one of the above two methods, this type of set-up wouldn't be supported.

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New 8.52 Core Update Released!

The new core update ( released by Island Pacific became available on our Support Downloads site this morning.

The new core update contains critical fixes for the September release.

Remember to always:

  • Schedule & Plan your updates.

  • Perform a backup prior to updating.

  • Contact a Support Representative for questions and assistance.

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