How to Determine which Workstation ran what Transactions in PC Charge

The information in this article applies to:

  • Retail Pro V8.52
  • PC Charge


We track each workstation’s transactions separately. We need to run a report in PC Charge that shows who ran what.


In PC Charge, when you bring up the report screen, if you put a two digit number in the user id field that matches the workstation, it will show you just those transactions (I.E. WS3 would have 03 in the User ID field.)

See the screenshot for which field

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Credit Card Batch Showing a sale instead of a refund

The information in this article applies to:
  • Retail Pro Version 8.52
  • Shift4
  • PCCharge
  • PPM

When tendering a transaction by credit card the customer gets a list of credit cards that they accept but do not have the option to enter the credit card information.
The EFT section in workstation preferences is not setup correctly.
Go to the EFT section in workstation preferences and select the correct payment processing service that the customer is using (Shift4, PCCharge, PPM) then save. If a NetAPI Server IP address is required ensure that is set correctly as well. Customer should get prompted now to enter credit card information for the transaction.
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