How to speed up Retail Pro 9

Retail Pro 9 relies on heavy duty services which requires many resources. By default, Microsoft Windows is not optimized for running Oracle Databases.

Here's what you can do if Retail Pro 9 is running too slow.

  1. Make sure that your antivirus software is not actively scanning the \Oracle or \Retail9 directories. Scan those at scheduled times.
  2. Make sure System Restore is turned off.
  3. Make sure that you regularly reindex and tune your database (inside the Technician’s Toolkit).
  4. Make sure your pagefile is set to whatever Windows recommends.
  5. Optimize your system to allocate more resources to BACKGROUND SERVICES, as Oracle is considered a background service, not a program.
Note that steps 1, 2, 4 and 5 are NOT within version 9. They are system settings. Also, if you are running true server software, an MCSE should look at your server and optimize it for Oracle server settings.

RPRO 9.0 – Manually Backing Up Oracle DB

1). Stop the following services

  • OracleODS901Agent

  • OracleODS901TNSListener

  • OracleServicesRPROODS

2). Copy the following files to a backup location:

  • \Oracle\ODS901\pwdrproods.ora

  • \Oracle\Oradata\*

3). Restart the following services:

  • OracleODS901Agent

  • OracleODS901TNSListener

  • OracleServicesRPROODS
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“Workstation already in use”, "polling in use", "workstation locked," or "workstation in use".

If you frequently receive any of the messages above, you will quickly come to learn that there are several different causes.

The most common causes are:

1) System shut down while in RPRO accidently, intentionally or due to power outage.
2) Someone enters system preferences when other workstations are in Retail Pro.
3) Process in/out takes places when Retail Pro is open on other workstations
4) Retail Pro locked up and was forced to shut down using CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Perform the following steps to quickly resolve these error messages:

Version 6

  • Click on "Setup", then "Company".

  • If "Remove Locks" message appears, select "Yes".

  • If message above does NOT appear, Click on "Setup", then "Workstation".

Version 7

  • Click on "Preferences", then "System".

  • If "Remove Locks" message appears, select "Yes".

  • If message above does NOT appear, Click on "Preferences", then "Workstation".

Version 8

  • Click on "Tools", then "RproDB".

  • If the above does not work, go into the RPRO folder and delete the following files:

    • Matlock.dat

    • matlock.dia

    • semaphore.dat

    • semaphore.dia

    • wslock.dat

    • wslock.dia

If you continue to have error messages, Contact a Support Representative.

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