How do I reflect damaged merchandise in Retail Pro?

The answer depends on what you want to do with the damaged merchandise. Assuming you want to take the damaged merchandise out of inventory, if you want to return it to the vendor, you would do a return voucher by creating a new voucher and changing the voucher type to Return.

Otherwise, you could do a quantity adjustment memo to take it out of inventory of the remote store, and put "damaged" or something equivalent in the Reason field.

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X/Z-Out Tax doesn't match when adding up individual amounts

I was recently asked why X/Z-Out Tax totals don't match when adding up individual amounts. Firstly, I'd like to point out that the following adheres to X/Z-Out Tax Totals.

If your Tax Totals are not matching up when adding up individual amounts, then you are experiencing rounding issues.

The dilemma faced by retailers (and by Retail Pro) in calculating sales tax is this: when a percentage is applied to monetary values there is always a mathematical possibility of rounding differences. These differences become evident when you look at the various ways sales tax can be reported.

For further details on how rounding causes differences, see the following Technical Memo

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