RPRO: Unable to Save Design Changes

The information in this article applies to:
  • Retail Pro 8
  • Document Designer

Can't save changes to the design. I can make changes to a document design, but there is no way for me to save them.

Using a large font or certain screen resolutions in Windows causes some windows to be missing buttons. In this case, the OK and Cancel buttons were missing from the screen.
If you change the font size to a normal font size, or change the screen resolution to a standard size such as 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768, the missing buttons will show up again. However, you may need to exit Rpro and go back in after making these changes.

The alternative is to press TAB and then ENTER. This will put the focus on the missing OK button and then click on it. The changes will then be saved.

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Reason # 8 to upgrade to Retail Pro 9

Knowing how much of an item you had in stock in the past

Save time, save money and lost productivity with ease of use to:
  • Adjust prices for immediate or future sales
  • Restore former prices
  • Automate replenishment
The Retail Pro database contains a set of tables that track old values, new values, and differences that Retail Pro uses to calculate statistics. The new tables accumulate the latest data and then updates the statistical calculations for every item on every document that enters the database (e.g., every sale, return, transfer or adjustment of that item and the quantity involved).

Reason # 4 to upgrade to Retail Pro 9

More freedom, less administration

Retail Pro 9 contains a self-maintained, low administration embedded Oracle database.
The powerful Technician Tools Kit assists with database maintenance by re-indexing the database with the ability to add data files, control passwords, and do back up and recovery using one tool.
  • Easily perform backup / recovery
  • Easily re-index database and add data files
  • Easily control password files
  • Easily configure a multitude of POS hardware devices and platforms
  • Easily customize and replicate screens and transactions to suit your specific needs
  • Easily use different screen designs for individual users
You'll have less confusion and better security, and you won't need an additional database administrator because Oracle is embedded in Retail Pro and maintained through Retail Pro.

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