Useful Shortcuts in Retail Pro Version 9.14

Active OnlyCtrl + A
Allocation PatternAlt + L
Approved POAlt + J
CanelAlt + C
Cancel FilterAlt + T
Cancel Quick FilterAlt + Q
Choose / Edit ItemsAlt + E
CopyCtrl + Y
Date RangeAlt + D
Design Quick FilterCtrl + Q
EditCtrl + E
Filtered ViewAlt + F
FindCtrl + F
Generate ASNAlt + S
Generate Child PO'sAlt + G
Generate TOCtrl - G
HelpCtrl + H
Inventory QtyAlt + Y
Item AllocationAlt + L
ItemsCtrl + I
NewAlt + W
NextAlt + N
PreviousAlt + P
Previous PageAlt + V
PrintCtrl + P
Print TagsCtrl + T
RefreshAlt + R
Remove ItemAlt + M
Review ReportF7
SaveCtrl + S
ShowCtrl + W
Show PO DetailsCtrl + D
ZoomCtrl + Z

You may also add any shortcut to the Side Bar Menu by right mouse clicking on the Side Bar and going to “Menu Designer” then adding it to the right hand column.

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