Problems with disappearing cash drops

The information in this article applies to
  • Retail Pro® 8
  • Cash Drop

A recent, and frequently asked question received by our Support Technicians this week was:

  • "When I create a Cash Drop on workstation 1/WS1, I can't find it. It seems like it's not being saved."
File corruption problem.

The Cash Drop receipts for that workstation were being saved in the wrong month's sales file. Create a cash drop receipt. Look in the Rpro folder. Sorty by Date Modified. Look at the files that were modified near the time you created the cash drop. You will see a sales file from a previous month that was modified today. Look in that month's sales and you will see the cash drop receipts.

Go into "Rpro\SecureDoc\Ws1" (or whatever workstation has the problem). Then rename the folder for the Month where the cash drops are going to "Oldfilename", in all 3 folders, including Tmp, Archive & Data folders. Exit Rpro. Create a Cash drop receipt and that will fix the problem.

As always, I recommend you contact our Technical Support Department before making any changes to files to ensure things are done correctly. AND ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP FIRST! I can't stress that enough... like I always say "If it's important to you, back it up!"