Norton Antivirus and Retail Pro

To ensure maximum performance and a safe working environment for Retail Pro, please follow the following parameters:

  1. If ANY of your computers are on the internet 100% of the time, ALWAYS keep your antivirus software running.

  2. If you are not always on the internet, but rather have dial up or other types of internet service where you can disconnect and reconnect your connection, be sure to have your antivirus software monitoring your systems when you are connected to the internet. When you are not connected, disabling the Auto-protect feature of Norton Antivirus will provide faster performance in Retail Pro.

  3. Another option is to turn off the Auto-protect feature completely and schedule a nightly scan of your system.

NOTE: Although this provides some level of protection, be advised that if you have any kind of internet activity on your system(s), we strongly recommend leaving Auto-Protect on.

To turn off Auto-Protect and schedule a nightly scan, do the following:

(For Norton Antivirus 2003)

  1. Go to START->PROGRAMS->Norton Antivirus->Norton Antivirus 2003.

  2. On the top left hand corner, click on OPTIONS.

  3. In the first group labeled "How to stay protected", uncheck the following:

  • -Enable Auto-Protect (recommended)

  • -Start Auto-Protect when Windows starts up (recommended)

  1. Again, make sure these options are NOT checked, then click OK. You will be prompted to hit OK one more time.

  2. On the left hand side of the menu, click on “Scan for Viruses”.

  3. On the bottom right under Schedule Task, click on Schedule.

  4. The scheduler will open. Click on “New”

  5. Under “Schedule Task”, choose Daily.

  6. Under “Start Time”, choose the time that you would like to scan for viruses. (Ideally, this would be a time that won’t interfere with other scheduled tasks, like polling or backup).

  7. Click OK.

  8. Close Norton Antivirus.

At this point, you should see the Norton Antivirus system tray icon with an red X on it. This indicates that Auto-Protect is off.

After Norton Antivirus performs its scheduled scan, it will display a report on the screen. Review this report every day and make sure there are no viruses residing on your system(s).

If at some point, you would like to turn Auto-Protect back on, follow steps 1-3 and make sure you check the two boxes that were unchecked originally.x